8 inch Samsung Galaxy Note on the way

Samsung currently offers Galaxy Note devices in two sizes: A smartphone-sized 5.5 inch model and a tablet-sized 10.1 inch model. Soon the company may expand its lineup with a new 8 inch model.

The Galaxy Note line of phones and tablets are defined by the S-Pen accessory, which is a digital pen that allows you to write or draw on the screen using pressure-sensitive input. But the Galaxy Note products also tend to have blazing speedy processors, plenty of RAM, and big batteries.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

SamMobile reports that the Samsung GT-N5100 device that’s been making the rounds at regulatory agencies recently is an 8 inch tablet called the Galaxy Note 8.0.

Update: It’s pretty close to official that the Galaxy Note 8 will be unveiled at Mobile World Congress in February. 

It will reportedly feature an 8 inch, 1280 x 800 pixel Super Clear LCD display, 2GB of RAM, and run Android 4.2 software.

There’s no word on the processor yet, but the tablet will apparently be available with 16GB to 32GB of built-in storage and feature a microSD card slot for additional storage.

The tablet has front and rear cameras, WiFi, Bluetooth, A-GPS, and a 4600mAh battery.

According to SamMobile, Samsung will officially unveil the new 8 inch tablet at Mobile World Congress in Spain this February.

  • Arrdee

    Can you clarify a point?

    Is the screen surface a sensitive resistive overlay, or a combination of both capacitive and resistive? I often feel the Apple-panicked move to capacitive has seriously diminshed the value of screen input and getting back the ability to use the higher precision of a fine stylus is worth a lot.

    • http://www.liliputing.com/ Brad Linder

      Neither. It has both a capacitive touchscreen and an active digitizer, which I believe is from Wacom. It only works when you use a special pen, and won’t recognize just any old stylus.

      But like any device with a capacitive screen, you can use your fingers for general use – just not for pressure sensitive input or special S-Pen features.

  • strider_mt2k

    Love the speaker placement on those things.

  • securiteeboyz

    If this has the new Exynos 5250 with Mali 604 it’ll be a beast with that low resolution. But I have heard it’ll have the old Exynos 4412 which is lacking now a days