Kupa X15 UltraNote Windows 8 tablet on sale for $1100 and up

The Kupa X15 is a Windows 8 tablet that packs some seriously high-end features. First shown off a few months ago as the Kupa UltraNote, the 10 inch tablet is now ready to go.

Kupa is a niche product maker, and there’s currently no “buy” button on the company’s website, but according to Engadget you can shoot the folks at Kupa a note at info.us@kupaworld.comto inquire about purchasing the tablet.

Kupa X15 UltraNote

The Kupa X15 comes in 4 versions. They all features 10.1 inch, 1920 x 1200 pixel IPS displays, 8GB of RAM, WiFi, Bluetooth, front and rear cameras, and support for finger or digital pen input.

It’s also one of the few Windows 8 slate computers with a removable battery.

Prices start at $1100 for a model with a 64GB solid state disk and Intel Core i5 processor. Higher-end models have 128 GB SSDs, up to an Intel Core i7 CPU, and HSPA+ mobile broadband.

There’s also an optional docking station that adds a keyboard, extra battery and additional ports including VGA, Ethernet, and USB ports.

Kupa’s website is buckling a bit under strain as of December 27th, but once it’s back up and running you should be able to get in touch with the company if you’re interested in a high-end Windows 8 tablet.

  • Jeff

    10.1″ screen and a Core i CPU? Wow, do they make regular notebooks with those specs? That’s what I want. I assume the battery life on a tablet is pretty bad though.

    • Marc

      Definitely. If they make a 10.1″ notebook version without touch and smaller bezels then I’m ready to buy instantly.

      • me

        Definitely a buy for me too. Some (maybe too few to matter though) choose 10.1″ netbooks for its size and just put up with the performance.

  • http://danideals.com/ danideals.com

    This seems to be a little pricey.

  • PT

    Kupa stands for sh!t in Polish. I can’t imagine having kupa in my hands. Lol

    • ConnorL

      I agree…I would feel embarrassed having a product named “poop” at school where most students are exchanged students that understand what it stands. :s I may just have to erase the name off when I get it. Again, this is one of the best loaded tablet I ever had seen. It’s rare to find more than 1 Usb 3.0, SDmicro, and a pen.

  • miketimberlake

    Kupa is such a bad name. It means ‘shit’ in Polish….. :)