India’s Aakash 3 tablet could run Android, Linux

It’s been less than two months since the student-friendly Aakash 2 tablet launched in India, but educators are already looking ahead to the Aakash 3.

India’s low-cost tablet program makes Aakash tablets available to students across the country in an effort to help students get online and run educational apps. While the devices aren’t exactly top tier devices, the recently launched Aakash 2 is a big step up from the first  $35 tablet, and it looks like the next model could be even more interesting.

Aakash 2

Aakash 2

According to the Times of India, the Aakash 3 could be designed to run either Google Android or another Linux-based operating system.

The new tablet could also feature a SIM card slot for connecting to mobile broadband networks.

The goal is to not only manufacturer as many of the tablet’s components in India as possible, but also to increase the distribution and support channels for the device, making it easier to have broken tablets repaired without shipping them overseas.

It sounds like all plans for the Aakash 3 are still pretty preliminary at this point, but it looks like Indian officials and educational institutions don’t plan to give up on the idea of budget tablets for students anytime soon, despite the fact that the project got off to a pretty troubled start.

via Notebook Italia