Google Now is coming to the Chrome web browser

Google Now is a service designed to automatically show you relevant information depending on your location, the time, or other cues. It’s already bundled into the Google search app for Android 4.1 and later — but it looks like Google has bigger plans for Now.

Developer François Beaufort spotted signs that Google Now is coming to the Chrome web browser.

Google Now

According to comments in the Chromium code (the open source version of Chrome), Google Now will be implemented via Chrome desktop notifications.

In other words, say you travel a lot with your laptop. If you enable Google Now, when you touch down in a new city, a weather forecast could pop up automatically.

If you’re a sports fan, Chrome could give you a heads up on sports schedules and show you last night’s scores.

For the most part, Google Now seems like it’d be more handy on a smartphone which is always on, and probably always in your pocket than on a laptop. But as Google continues to develop the service, I’m sure we’ll see more laptop-friendly scenarios.

via reddit