Google Nexus 7 audio dock pops up in Japan, gets a dramatic unboxing video

It’s been about a half year since the Google Nexus 7 went on sale. But the official audio dock for the 7 inch tablet has yet to reach US shores. It appears to have gone on sale in Japan though — where one early customer picked one up, shot a little video, and edited it to what I can only assume is the musical theme from some horror movie.

For the most part the dock looks like a big chunk of plastic… because that’s really what it is. But this particular chunk of plastic also includes a docking connector for the Google Nexus 7 tablet, a charging port, and an audio-out jack that you can use to hook up an external pair of speakers.

In other words… it’s basically a chunk of plastic that lets you stand up your Nexus 7 and do a few things that you could already have done with it lying down, such as charging it and plugging in speakers.

There’s no word on if or when the dock will hit the States, but it sells for about $42 in Japan.

via Android Central

  • strider_mt2k

    I guess it’s cool for the small percentage of people for whom it will be useful.
    I ended up being very annoyed with my Nexus 7 and sold it, but the folks who have it now adore the thing.

  • W.olle

    I`m wondering why it would be annoying. It works well for me.
    I can`t wait anymore as I`m using it for Internet radio and to enjoy music from my musicflat.
    With this Dock it will be easy to take and replace the tab from my hifi system.