Facebook 2.0 for Android arrives today, it’s designed to suck less (and be faster)

Facebook is launching a redesigned app for Android… which looks almost exactly like the company’s older Android apps. But there are big changes under the hood in Facebook 2.0. The new app is designed to load more quickly and then let you do just about everything else more quickly, including loading photos, the Timeline, or leaving comments.

Facebook 2.0 for Android

Earlier versions of Facebook relied on a mix of native code and web views. Facebook 2.0 for Android is written entirely in native code, which improves load times, caching, and other features.

Once the new app goes live, it’ll be available for download from the Google Play Store. Or if you already have the Facebook app on your phone or tablet, you should get a notification as soon as the update is available for your device.


  • http://twitter.com/EricSeale Eric

    A rock in the face would suck less.

  • Steve Fink

    How could facebook not suck?

  • http://www.facebook.com/david.gosnell David Gosnell

    Good: Links to Liliputing articles now work without an error message
    Bad: GPS thrashed even when supposedly turned off in the options

    Generally seems slicker and quicker, but time will tell.

  • Nathan

    So I can finally read more than two posts during my lunch break?