Dell’s done with smartphones, has no plans for new Android, Windows Phone devices

Earlier this year Dell stopped selling smartphones in the US, but continued offering handsets in China. Now Forbes reports Dell is out of the smartphone business altogether — and has no plans to re-enter anytime soon.

Dell smartphone

That means we won’t see any new phones running Android, Windows Phone, or any other operating system anytime soon.

The company also stopped offering Android tablets after lukewarm response to its initial entries in that space.

For now the company’s putting most of its eggs into the Windows basket, with Windows RT and Windows 8 tablets aimed at mobile users. The company also offers a few ultrabooks for customers looking for ultraportable computers in more of a traditional laptop form-factor.

Dell does have one major non-Windows machine in its lineup though. The Dell XPS 13 Laptop Developer Edition is a 13 inch thin and light ultrabook which features Ubuntu Linux. But with prices starting at $1449, it’s not exactly in the same product category as the phones and tablets Dell has phased out.

  • Roger H.

    Dell was selling smartphones and tablets?

  • Mark

    I’m hoping they continue their Linux support to the rest of their line. It’s great to buy a notebook that was put together with Linux in mind and the company contributed driver updates to the mainline kernel.

  • Rosan

    I was with a solution provider when Dell was running ads mocking
    resellers. Our customers gobbled up the unreliable Dell crap,
    as they were brainwashed by the low prices. Our company spent
    a great deal of time fixing what Dell’s onsite people messed up.

    I hope Dell dies a slow, painful death.

  • menting

    i have (and still have) their Dell Streak 5, the first 5″ smartphone AFAIK. It’s a great phone, but too bad it wasn’t advertised enough. My friend has their Venue Pro WP7 phone, and he likes it too. It’s too bad they’re not in this market anymore.