Contact Lens prototype features embedded LCD display

There are contact lenses to correct vision, color contacts to make your brown eyes look blue, and soon there may be LCD contact lenses that can print dollar signs in your eyes… or just about anything else.

Belgian researchers are showing off a prototype of a contact lens that has a curved LCD display built right in.

Contact Lens with LCD

At this point it can only show pretty basic graphics, but with pixels covering the entire surface area, future versions could displays could fulfill a range of different purposes.

For instance, imagine contact lenses that can darken when you’re in the sun to act as sunglasses. Or you could protect a damaged retina from the sun’s rays, change your eye colors, or perform other applications.

The bad news is that you won’t be able to surf the web using a display placed on your eyeball — you wouldn’t be able to focus on something that close. So this isn’t a technology that will enable Google Glass-style augmented reality. Instead it will likely be used for medical and cosmetic purposes.

via The Verge and PhysOrg

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    It is from Gent University! I met the guy who did this.

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