Asus Taichi 21 dual-screen notebook hits the FCC

The Asus Taichi 21 is an unusual notebook with two screens: one on either side of the lid. With the lid up, the Taichi looks like a typical 11.6 inch notebook. Close the lid and it looks like a slightly bulky Windows 8 tablet.

Asus hopes to ship the dual-screen notebook by the end of the year, and this week the Asus Taichi 21 slipped through the FCC website on its way to store shelves.

Asus Taichi 21

There aren’t a lot of surprises in the FCC documents. Asus has been showing off the tablet for a while and we already know it has a starting price of $1299, an Intel Ivy Bridge processor, up to 256GB of storage, and two 1920 x 1080 pixel displays.

You can use one screen at a time, display the same content on both, or display different content on each screen. That means you can set up the laptop on a tablet and play a game or write a document on one screen while someone sitting across from you watches a presentation or a movie.

Only the screen on the lid has a touch panel. The screen that faces the keyboard is just a normal display.

The FCC photos do confirm that the laptop has a 35 Whr, 3200mAh battery. Asus says the Taichi 21 should get up to 5 hours of battery life.

  • espColorado

    so do you know when these will be available to buy?

  • Estar Pronto é tudo!

    good question, where I can found to buy?