XBMC 12.0 Frodo beta media center hits Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS (Android on the way)

The developers behind the popular XBMC media center software have released the first beta version of XBMC 12.0 Frodo. The updated media center still provides a full-screen user interface designed to make it easy to navigate your online and offline media collections on a TV.

But XBMC 12.0 adds new features including support for live TV and personal video recorder (PVR) functionality, 64-bit support for OS X, and initial support for Google Android.

XBMC 12 Frodo beta 1

XBMC 12.0 Frodo beta 1 is already available for download for Windows, OS X, and Ubuntu. You can also install the beta on a jailbroken Apple TV, iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.

While I haven’t seen a beta for Android yet, it should be available soon. Meanwhile, you can keep up with the latest development versions of XBMC for Android in the forums.

Since this is still a beta release, not everything works. Updating from XBMC 11 could lead to some broken skins or plugins, and there’s a known issue affecting channel-changing when using the PVR.