Phoenix Devices gets Open webOS to run as an Android app

Since HP released the source code for Open webOS, we’ve seen developers port the operating system to run on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and other devices such as the Asus Transformer Prime tablet. But one day you may be able to run Open webOS on your Android phone or tablet without even rebooting.

The folks at Phoenix Devices have been working on porting the operating system to run as an Android app — and their latest demo video shows they’ve made a lot of progress.

The video shows Open webOS running on a Samsung Nexus S smartphone after being launched from Android.

At this point the user interface is still painfully slow, because there’s no support for hardware accelerated graphics. Networking is also still a work in progress. But the video shows that the lock screen, settings, app switching, and other core features of webOS are functional.

Ultimately the idea is to create a system that runs alongside Android, letting you switch between Open webOS and Android quickly without rebooting your phone or tablet. That way you can rely on webOS for your basic phone features and to run your favorite apps, but switch to Android when you want to access apps that may not be available for webOS.

The Phoenix team consists of volunteers, and they’re looking for more developers to help. You can find details at or send an email to

via webOS Nation