OLinuXino A13: A tiny open source computer for under $60

Bulgarian device maker Olimex is offering a small single-board computer called the OLinuXino. At first glance it looks a lot like a Raspberry Pi, but the OLinuXino has a faster processor, more built-in input and output ports, and the developers say the project is completely open source, including the hardware and software.

That means not only can anyone modify the software, but you can even download the source files for the hardware to develop and sell your own products based on the designs.

olinuxino a13

There are two OLinuXino systems available right now. Both sell for less than $60.

The A13-OLinuXino features a 1 GHz Allwinner A13 ARM Cortex-A13 processor and Mali 400 graphics, while the iMX233-OLinuXino-MAXI has a 454 MHz Freescale i.MX233 processor.

While the iMX233 model is designed for embedded computing applications, the A13 model seems like something you could use as the basis for an Android or Linux computer. It has 512MB of RAM, 3 USB host ports, an SD card slot for storage, VGA output, audio jacks, and UEXT connector for additional modules as well as GPIO connectors for flash, LCD, or other devices.

Olimex also sells accessories including displays, Ethernet adapters, and cables.

via Hacker News

  • digi_owl

    I wish these boards would embrace a proper form factor rather than plop ports on every edge. Then again, they are first and foremost dev boards…

  • Joe

    They had better simply call it the ‘Olimex A13’ instead of the hard to remember and to pronounce ‘OlinuXino A13 (by Olimex)’.

    • Joe

      …and hard to spell (should be OLinuXino…)

  • idiot

    There must be something wrong with english brains. What is so difficult on pronouncing “olinuxino”?