Now you can rent a Google Nexus 7 for $1 per day… sort of

The Google Nexus 7 may be one of the cheapest decent tablets around, with a starting price of just $199. But what if you only need one for a week?

XCom Global will rent you a Google Nexus 7 for $1 per day. Soon the company will also offer Nexus 10 tablets for $2 per day. But there are a few catches.

XCom Nexus rental

First, these are introductory prices. Eventually a Nexus 7 will cost $2 per day and its 10 inch sibling will run $3 per day.

Second, and more importantly, you can’t just rent the tablet. XCom wants you to take those rates onto the price of a MiFi rental.

The company offers mobile hotspot rentals to international travelers for about $15 per day. So if you happen to be visiting a country where your normal hotspot or mobile wireless solution doesn’t work… and you don’t want to lug your laptop, XCom’s solution might make sense. But clearly this isn’t a deal for everyone that just wants to try out a Google Nexus tablet without committing to buing one.