Liliputing 2012 Holiday Giveaway

Liliputing HQ has been filling up with tablets, Android TV sticks and other devices lately. So in the interest of cleaning my desk and spreading some holiday cheer, let’s have a giveaway!

Over the next week or two I’ll be giving away products that were sent to me by stores in the past few months. Keep an eye out for our contest posts, and enter as many as you like — but you can only win once!

Please note, commenting on this post does not count as an entry. You’ll need to read the posts for each individual giveaway for details about entering.

Liliputing 2012 holiday giveawayHere are some of the items we’ll be giving away:

You can thank the folks at PandaWill, W2Comp, Diamond Multimedia, and AndroidTVBox.US for providing us with the goodies. Stay tuned for more details… but since I’m footing the bill for shipping, there’s a good chance that most of the giveaways will only be available to participants with a valid US shipping address.


Note: As a matter of policy, Liliputing does not keep anything of value sent to us for review purposes. If and when a device maker or retailer tells us not to return a product, we’ll give it away to a reader in this sort of contest.

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  • Lorne Hammond

    I put my hand up for the elf 😀

    • Brad Linder

      You’ll have to do that again in a few days when that contest is ready to go :)

  • Vouty

    Hi Brad – Is leaving a comment here considered as entering to win?

    • Brad Linder


  • dibob

    someones kin to the website will surely win, so i congratulate him/her

    • altfuels

      Trolls are disqualified.

      • dibob

        English please, you are in America

      • altfuels

        Considering your unfamiliarity with grammar, punctuation, and capitalization, you are really not in a position to criticize somebody else’s writing. Let me spell it out for you in simple terms, then, rather than as a bare metaphor: you appear to be saying that you expect Brad to rig the contest so that he or one of his relatives (“someones kin to the website”) will win. That is an insult to Brad. You have no reason to think this is true. A “troll,” in website comments, is someone who posts insulting comments with no good reason. Therefore, you are a troll. Is that English clear enough for you?

        I will do you the further courtesy of pointing out that your comments on this blog post do not enter you to win any of the items; you will need to click the link under “Giveaways” in the post above, and leave a comment on the post for the Ampe A10 tablet rather than on this post, in order to be entered to win.

  • kfish

    Liliputing is my fav tech website, count me in.

  • javajolt

    As a dedicated Liliputing reader I would like to be included in this “Giveaway”

  • Mike Walker

    Not sure if the Ampe A10 is being given away via this post…?

    • jb82

      Click on the link to go to the contest page!

  • Ml

    Nice tablet. My daughter would totally love it

  • Omar Garcia

    i want the Ampe A10 ……… dibs AWESOME !!!!

  • Zubair Ashraf

    Any PC will be good for me. But it should run XBMC

  • Zubair Ashraf

    I meant mini PC

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  • Norton Peabody

    Thanks Brad… I’ll still be returning for the great content regardless of any prizes, but as long as you’re offering I’ll take a 10″ tablet please…..

  • cobrasdh

    quad core tablet…..yes please!

  • rkaede

    whats that top right corner ?? :)
    waiting for the next post

    happy holidays brad

    • Brad Linder

      mk802 III… And thanks!

      • rkaede

        ok i’ll be in for that one!! . 😀

  • Naoyuki Murakoshi

    I want an android pc stick!!

  • Robert Schaefer

    Thanks! I always wanted to know what liliputing did with all those products.

  • G.G.

    Yes please. I would like the “Ampe A10 10.1 inch tablet”

  • Oldman

    I liked the review, keep it going.

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  • dibob

    im a troll, i will love to have one.

  • Артём

    Ampe A10 tablet please

    • Артём

      i live in Ukraine

  • Артём

    please пожалуйста будьласка bitte Ampe A10 tablet

    • Артём

      i live in Ukraine

  • Артём

    please A10 tablet

  • Jason Ronallo

    Yes, please!

  • Tech Savi

    Mini PC – MK802 III is the best..

  • pszab2

    Nice! I’d be happy if it was my 1st tablet.

  • Gregg Jones

    @Brad Linder Just a small suggestion. You’re losing a bit of potential pageviews with this post. You should have made that bullet list of giveaway items links to the reviews of them that you did. I know I would have clicked on a few if they were easy to get to.

  • cy1clown

    This looks great thanks for the effort.

  • crashsuit

    Aw man, the giveaway page says it’s open til midnight 11/26, but comments there are closed and it’s only noon Eastern right now.

    • Brad Linder

      Midnight was 12:00AM this morning… about 12 hours ago.

      I realize that confuses some people though, so I think I’ll run the next one until 1:00AM or 6:00AM or something.

      Anyway, we’ve picked our first winner and we’re just waiting for confirmation and a shipping address.

      The next giveaway gets underway tomorrow!

      • crashsuit

        Ha ha, you’re right! Thanks, I wasn’t thinking about it properly.

  • George

    Real toys for grown up girls/boys.

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  • boricua_100

    +1 add me in

  • Mike Bamberg

    I’ve been longing for a MK802 II, now I might get one!

    • dr. burro

      Anyone else going to download Santoku linux if they win?

  • Omkar

    My first comment did not show up/ Dont know why?

  • Вадим Казьмин

    Deal me in! Ready 4 shipping…

  • UIW

    count me in!

  • ron k

    round two,mk802.sure could use one .thank you

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    Thanks :)


    count me in.

  • Robert Schaefer

    Three cheers for Brad! Hip hip…

  • eldon

    count me in

  • Omkar

    Is it for quad core tablet?

  • Xin Wang

    wanna try my luck – plz count me in.

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  • Alison Chan

    Cool, I’d been wanting a mini android stick thingy for a while now :)

  • Reji Mathew

    I want one……

  • 1stkorean

    quad core tablet please…Thanks Brad

  • Артём

    Ampe A10 please

  • Chinmay Bajikar

    Count me in. Cool stuff all. Thanks

  • y0pla1t

    Very interested. Just found out about this site a few weeks ago and have been itching to take the plunge and try messing around with some of these “Mini PCs” (though, shouldn’t they be calls micro PCs or something smaller since they’re so much smaller than even an ITX PC?)

  • eldon

    want the v99 tablet…

  • tman

    I’d like this for my mother.

  • dibob

    did i win yet

  • Howard

    thanks for the chance to win

  • Elizabeth Beach

    I’d love to win any of these things! Good stuff guys, thanks for the chance :)

  • Herzegovinian

    would be so nice to have android mini PC… I think that it would be first one in my country :)

  • eldon

    I want one

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  • Peter

    whichever product of these will be appreciated

  • Peter

    whichever of these products would be nice to have

  • Robert Schaefer

    Brad, pick me!

  • John Cooper

    Oh yesssss Dual Core Tablet please

  • John D’Auria

    I could use this for my work in the lab studying cocaine biosynthesis

  • strider_mt2k

    Boil that dust spe…err…CLEAN THAT DESK!

  • Charles

    It would be a pleasant dream for an otherwise melancholy holiday…or it will make a nice gift for a friend that I could not normally afford. Happy holidays, everyone.

  • CA Nikhil D’Souza

    I am in. Birthday boy on the 3rd dec so hope to win something

  • tandroid

    Please count me in

  • eumaxx

    Thank you Mr. Linder. This is very cool.
    Also, can you work on improving the performance of the mobile version of this site? It takes a very long time to load on my phone. Thanks.

  • eldon

    want it

  • Robert Schaefer

    Great Christmas gift!

  • Chris

    Who won the first 3 prizes.

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  • Jargonn

    thanks for the chance.

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    I’m in!

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    plse enter me in the Diamond Multimedia AMP100 drawing..

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    Thanks again

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    Oh yeah!

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    I think Robots stole my luggage……

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    Ah… This is fun!

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    Please let me win something

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    This would be nice to have…

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    thanks for everything even if I don’t win

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    Android Sticks please:)

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    are these competitions international? please say yes!

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    Daddy want a G-Box :)

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    Pick me! Pick me!

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    Would love to win something. Thanks

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    Please sir may I have another.

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    This is a lot of fun. Thanks

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    Gracias And Merry Christmas to you

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    I need a new tablet!

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    Is there a winner’s list somewhere?

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    pick me

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    Looks good to me.

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    aaaawwwww i was hoping to win one of these bad boys for my niece but i think i JUST missed the cutoff….5AM today, and i was thinking it said 5PM when i last read it :(

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    Sure would like to win…

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    love to get the Chuwi V99 tablet

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    I’m in.

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    I just recieved the edubook, thanks

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    Well this is interesting.

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    WOW! Portability would sure be nice!!!! Merry Xmas

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    will you post the handle of the winner? Makes it more real and fun when people win.

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    Pick me … puhleez

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    The Gift this way paaaaleaz!

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    Android tablet myway? Yupieeeeeeeeee

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    Please sir, May I have just one. The lump of coal was nice but I’d realy prefer a tablet.

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    I’m happy I’m the winner of the MINIX NEGO G4, thank you Brad again.

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    I want one

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    One for me please

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    one more chance

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    Looks great!

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    Cool you give away so much stuff looks like i am too late though