LG Kids Pad tablet hits South Korea for $276

LG is joining Archos, Nabi, Ematic, Oregon Scientific, and Vinci in the apparently crowded tablets-for-kids space. The LG Kids Pad went on sale in South Korea last week for the about $276, making it one of the more expensive tablets for kids.

While it’s not clear what operating system the tablet runs, it features an app store and support for removable cartridges with apps, games, and other digital content designed for kids. The Kids Pad will ship with a cartridge designed to help children learn English, for instance.

The Kids Pad features a 9 inch screen, camera, automatic light sensor, and can function as an MP3 player.

LG isn’t providing many more details about the tablet… and I doubt we’ll see it in the US anytime soon… at least not at a $276 price point. For that price, you could almost buy two competing kid-friendly tablets from one of the many other companies producing tablets for children.

via Mobile Geeks and Unwired View


  • Robert

    Why do this? All that’s “kid” about it is a $10 rubber case, and $20 worth of educational software.

    That’s nice, but for this price, just make this an optional kit for already existing android tablets, like the Google Nexus, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Acer Iconia, etc.

    These “kids tablets” are just ridiculous rip offs.

    I just bought my daughter a perfectly good 7″ Android Tablet at Biglots, in Massachusetts (USA) for under $80. Spent $8 for a good protective case, and I will download some kid’s software for it.

    • birdog

      Kids Place on the Android market is Launcher that will kid proof it with parental controls and it is free.

  • Fan-a-Tech Scott

    Another blatant copy of the nabi 2 Tablet design. Apple vs. Samsung has nothing on all of these new kid tablets copying the industry innovator, Fuhu on the nabi Tablet design. First Rullingnet Corporation ‘s VINCI M, then Toys R Us and their Tabeo, now this one from LG.

  • William

    OMG, thanks for mentioning Kid’s Place. I truly want to get a Kindle Fire HD as opposed to my Nabi 2. I really don’t think it is worth the money I paid for it.