Deals of the Day (11-30-2012)

Dell Latitude ST

When Dell launched the Latitude ST tablet a year ago, the company charged $859 and up for the 10 inch Windows 7 tablet with a 1280 x 800 pixel display, digital pen support, and an Intel Atom processor.

Today you can pick up a new model from Dell for as little as $300. That model has just 32GB of storage though. But is selling a refurbished model with a 128GB solid state disk for just $350.

Sometimes waiting a year pays off.

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  • Renee Auclair

    The Dell Latitude ST uses an Intel Atom Z670 single core CPU, which is way underpowered for this device.

    A much better bet is the Acer W500 tablet, which uses an AMD C-50 dual core CPU and superior graphics, for ~$350, with 32 GB SSD. The Acer also includes a lightweight keyboard which folds with the tablet to form a clamshell “laptop”
    The Acer includes an SD/SDHC/SDXC digital media card slot. I’ve put in a 64 GB SDXC card ($35) in with no problems, and saw a 128 GB SDXC card for ~$90.

    • crashsuit

      I agree that it looks pretty underpowered The one thing it I can see that it has going for it is the digital stylus, though with the Atom CPU I wouldn’t look forward to running any software capable of taking advantage of it.