Deals of the Day (11-16-2012)

B&N NOOK Color

The Barnes & Noble NOOK Color may be starting to show its age, with an 800 MHz single core processor. But B&N’s first Android-based tablet still has a pretty great screen, long battery life, and a case designed to be easy to hold during long reading sessions.

Today CowBoom is selling pre-owned models for just $65. Keep in mind, these are pre-owned, and not refurbished. That means they may show some scratches or other signs of wear, and might be missing accessories (like USB cables or power adapters). But for $65, you can pick up a cheap charger on your own dime.

Here are some of the day’s best deals on mobile devices and accessories.

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  • buzz86us

    good deal for a cheap reader tablet definitely worth getting especially with the new CM10 upgrade.