Deals of the Day (11-15-2012)

Samsung Series 7 Slate PC

The Samsung Series 7 Slate PC is an 11.6 inch tablet with an active digitizer, a Sandy Bridge processor, and a solid state disk.

When I reviewed the tablet last year, I liked it… but found the $1049 starting price a bit steep. Now you can pick up a refurbished model for just $800.

Here are some of the day’s best deals on mobile devices and accessories.

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  • ML

    Hey Brad. Whatever linking service you’re using is being blocked by my virus detection. If that’s intentional and that’s helping you then cool. If not the redirect service is being blocked by a lot of security software. FYI.

    • Brad Linder

      What are you using for antivirus software? The redirects are probably due to Skimlinks (you can read more by clicking the disclosure button in our sidebar). Basically they automatically add affiliate code to links when they find them as a way of generating a bit of extra revenue. Not every link in the daily deals posts is monetized this way, but many are.

      I wonder if it’s a known issue with your virus protection software… and if not, maybe it’s something that we can bring to the attention of the folks at skimlinks or at your security software provider.