Archos 97 XS tablet coming soon?

It’s been months since Archos unveiled its line of Gen10 XS tablets with “coverboard” screen protectors that also function as keyboards. Now it looks like a few of those tablets could launch in the US soon.

Just a few days after the Archos 80 XS showed up at the FCC website, the Archos 97 XS is following suit.

Archos 97 XS

As the name suggests, the Archos 97 XS will have a 9.7 inch display. But that’s about all we know for certain at the moment.

Archos uses a TI OMAP processor for the 10 inch Archos 101 XS, and a Rockchip processor for the 8 inch Archos 80 XS. So it’s not clear what processor the Archos 97 XS will have.

It’s probably safe to say the tablet will ship with Android 4.0 or later and feature the Google Play Store and other Google apps. The XS tablets also feature built-in kickstands, which lets you use a coverboard to prop up the tablet like a laptop, or just prop up the tablet on a table.

  • strider_mt2k

    Bring the pain, Archos.
    Bring the pain.

    Anyone who’s owned or had to support one knows what I mean.