Android 4.2 tips: Clearing cache, enabling developer options

We’ve already looked at some of the big changes in Google Android 4.2 such as support for multiple user accounts, widgets on the lock screen, and an improved keyboard. But there are a number of small changes too.

Here are a few things you might not have known about.

Enabling developer options

If you want to enable USB debugging so you can connect your Android phone or table to a PC and run adb (Android Debug Bridge), you need access to the developer options. But they’re a lot harder to find in Android 4.2 than they were in earlier builds.

That’s because you need to enable a hidden menu option in your device’s settings. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open the Settings menu.
  2. Scroll down and tap the “about tablet” option.
  3. At the bottom of the next screen, tap the “Build number” entry repeatedly until Android tells you you’re a developer.

It should take about 5 taps. If you just double tap you’ll get a note saying you’re 4 taps away… so keep tapping.

Android 4.2

Once that’s done, you can go back to the Settings menu, and just above “About tablet” you’ll find a Developer Options entry.

Clearing cached app data 

Google has long offered a way to clear out cached app data to free up space. But you could only do it one app at a time, by navigating through the App menu in Settings.

That’s led to the rise of a cottage industry of third party app cache cleaners. But you don’t need them in Android 4.2.

That’s because all you need to do is go to the Storage menu in your Settings, tap the “Cached data” option, and Android will ask if you want to clear cached data for all apps.

via Droid Life and Android Police


  • Guest008

    Thanks for the tips.

    It’s always a good initiative to help people controlling their own device.

    If you have more, don’t hesitate to post. Even if it seems trivial to you, it can help people.

    • strider_mt2k

      Agreed. Thanks for posting

      Good stuff here!

  • fwupow

    The Big Change most needed right now is for Google and the Android App Makers to recognize that no matter how many mother-ships and fighters they have, Earth will not be conquered easily! No, actually, they need to stop assuming that the device they run on always has a Touch-Screen. Hello! Stick-PC over here. Show me some love.