Could webOS live on as an Android app? Phoenix Devices is working on it

Now that HP has released the source code for the open webOS, we’re starting to see developers port the not-quite-abandoned operating system to run on Android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone and Asus Transformer Prime tablet.

But just because you want to run webOS doesn’t mean you have to erase all traces of Android. The folks at Phoenix Devices are working on a utility that lets you launch webOS as an app from an Android device. They’re showing off a pre-alpha version on a Samsung Nexus S smartphone.

At this point, about all you can do is launch webOS. It crashes if you try to do much more than that. But eventually the solution could give phone and tablet users the best of two worlds. You’d be able to run popular Android apps in the Android environment, but switch to webOS any time you want to switch to the user interface and apps designed by Palm and HP.

Phoenix Devices has release the source code for the work-in-progress, and is open to code contributions from members of the community.

via webOS Nation