Asus F201E 11.6 inch notebooks shows up in Germany for 299 € and up

Asus is introducing a new line of low-cost 11.6 inch notebooks… at least in Germany. Amazon Germany is showing product pages for a number of new portable notebooks in the new Asus F201E family, with prices starting at 299 Euros.

That’s about $387 US, but it’s not yet clear whether these laptops will be sold in the US.

Asus F201E

There are basically three different models, but Amazon has nearly a dozen product pages because Asus is offering a number of different color options including black, white, red, and blue.

All the models feature 1.1 GHz Intel Celeron 847 processors which should offer better-than-Atom performance while helping keep the price tag low.

Here are the options:

Each model shows an expected release date of October 26th — even the Ubuntu Linux models. October 26th is when Microsoft Windows 8 officially goes on sale around the world.

via Notebook Italia

  • Mike

    Note, these are being sold as netbooks, not notebooks.

    Those prices in Euros include VAT of 20% and (probably) the usual European market markup, so the cheapest model probably would sell for well south of $300 (+sales tax) if released in the US.

    • Brad Linder

      What exactly do you see as the difference between a netbook and a notebook these days?

  • Schwarzenegger

    Nice original design there. Oh wait.