Mysterious Sony tablet visits the FCC

Sony recently introduces a range of new Windows 8 and Android tablet including the Sony Vaio Duo, Sony Vaio Tap20, and Sony Xperia Tablet S. But since the company hasn’t shared the detailed model numbers for those devices it’s a bit tough to tell exactly what we’re looking at in a new FCC listing.

Basically, a Sony Vaio tablet of some sort has been submitted to the US Federal Communication Commision. Exciting, eh?

Sony Tablet FCC


Sony tends to use the Vaio name for its Windows devices, so this probably isn’t an Android tablet. There’s a decent chance that this is the Sony Vaio Tap20, since the Vaio Duo already passed through the FCC recently.

The label location drawing also makes the label look pretty small compared with the size of the device, so this really could be a device with a 20 inch display.

Or it could be some new device that Sony hasn’t announced yet.

If you have any other ideas, feel free to let us know in the comments.

thanks Dave!