Kimdecent $72 Droid Stick T10 mini PC: Android 4.1 and a Rockchip RK3066 CPU

Kimdecent’s latest Android mini PC is a USB thumb drive-sized computer-on-a-stick with a dual core ARM Cortex-A9 processor, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of storage, and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean software.

It’s called the Kimdecent Droid Stick T10, and you can pick one up from AliExpress for $72.

Kimdecent Droid Stick T10

This isn’t the first Android Mini PC we’ve seen, or the first with a Rockchip RK3066 processor. But it is the first RK3066 model I’ve seen to ship with Android 4.1.

The little computer has ARM Mali 400 graphics. It also has a full-sized USB 2.0 port, 2 mini USB ports, a micro SD card slot and an HDMI port, so you can plug in a display, keyboard, mouse, remote control dongle, or other peripherals to run Android apps on a TV or monitor.

It also features 802.11b/g/n WiFi and comes with the Google Play Store built-in. The spec sheet also says it runs Adobe Flash Player 11, despite the fact that Adobe doesn’t officially support Android 4.1.

Unfortunately Rockchip offers little to no support for Linux, which means that it’s unlikely we’ll see a fully functional version of Ubuntu, Fedora, or other desktop Linux operating systems ported to this device anytime soon.

Update: That could change soon. Independent developers have been working to get Linux-based operating systems up and running on RK3066 devices.


  • Lorne Hammond

    Doesn’t bother me at all that these devices don’t run linux, no point really when it has Android. Like saying it doesn’t run windows or mac os.. linux is kind of a DOA platform, massively fragmented ‘ heavy ‘ operating system that doesn’t belong on these to begin with.. What would you really do with it if it could run linux anyhow.. run a web browser?

    • CampGareth

      I know I’d run an office suite with more features, probably code a bit, use my favourite music player, also multitask quickly which is something I always miss going from my desktop to my phone. On the other hand I’m a computer scientist looking for an ARM machine for light work in lectures/labs so I have above average requirements.

      • nards barley

        yes, better multi-tasking would be nice.

    • Devlon Macormister

      i would run a lightweight web server with php support and some java coded aps i run on my pc 24/7

      • Roy Sherfan

        PAW server can do this for you. Php and SQL lite among other services.

      • Devlon Macormister

        its just not the same thing, i could config linux the way I want, remove services i dont need etc to improve performance and squeeze everything from this little thing that its got, it simply is not possible iwth android.

    • nexus

      So you want a world without choice?
      Okay, if you like living in your walled garden, then have fun.

  • nards barley

    That is tempting.

    • nards barley

      I see they refer to it as a “Mini TV” which is an interesting choice of words.

  • snz

    These are also sold as mk808 on aliexpress

  • zugu

    No Bluetooth? Why do the Chinese hate Bluetooth so much?

  • Peter Pan

    there’s a version called GV-20 with the same look and specs as well…

  • Brett Peugh

    I was thinking about hooking up a LCD monitor and wired keyboard and mouse, do people think that will work? Also, what does one do about audio out?

    • MrWareWolf

      I have used hubs, mice, keyboards, hard drives, etc. Basically most usb devices just plug in and work, no drama or fuss..

      • Brett Peugh

        Cool, thanks. The LCD monitor I wanted to use was made for computers but it does the 1920×1080 so that should possibly work if I get an HDMI to VGA/DVA converter. How does one do audio out also? USB adapter?

      • nards barley

        hdmi outputs audio as well as video. I have yet to see a hdmi to vga converter that I have confidence in buying based on comments. I am going to buy monitor with hdmi or TV with hdmi to use with this mini pc.

      • Brett Peugh

        The thing is most monitors have crappy speakers if any at all so then no audio

  • quitroot

    Is GV-20, Droid Stick T10, and MK808 is the same product?.

  • quitroot
  • sbq

    The video at the top of the link has the title “ibex UG802 + …”


    anyway to change the interfsce to look kike the mk802 all the videos i have seen show a horrendous blue gui

  • genny gen

    Attention, this device with android 4.1 have disabled the adb and the developer mode in settings. it is a closed device and not easy to root.
    for now the best is UG802 but have same bug in the wifi in the stock ROM

    • deadhp1

      I’ve gotten root on the MK808.
      I posted a quick method over on my forum.
      I’ll make a better how to later.

      There are several problems with the MK808. Wireless only connects in 54G mode(It won’t connect if router is set to N only).
      The screen is stretch in all resolutions.

  • Vishnu Sarda

    I am tired of asking 1 simple question… If I dont get proper answer this time, I will probably stop following lilip… on my G+… lilip jas been a good source for me, but unfortunately I have been seeing a post regarding android stick every other day, but no proper review of any… Can someone just tell me any of these being better than my logitech revue? I like revue, but want to upgrade with something better and more powerful… Unfortunately logitech is not building anymore of these, so my only option is look at these sticks… I am liking its functionalities on paper, but because it is not backed up by big name, I wouldn’t mind believing my fellow techie friends here regarding its real usability… I am not going to do any special work except watch my regular videos from youtube, netflix, amazon videos, ted etc to few online flash videos (bollywood movie streaming)… revuew does all of this except online streaming (which it does okay)… Any response will be highly appreciated… which stick shall I go with (upto 100 bucks is fine)?

    • Anti-Sarda

      Idiot … go and buy stick… run at your home … write a review for rest of the world…. (Why Idiot…? … Only idiot can assume that rest of the world will help him….nonsense….)

      • S H

        The other guy is right. These are non reviews. They list off the specs but don’t bring up if they really work. I have not had the greatest luck with off brand android equipment. I won’t buy any more until I see an actual review…

  • Nolarut

    The description states that the Kimdecent Droid Stick T10 comes with 2 USB ports and 2 micro USB ports. The pictures show only one USB and one Micro USB.