B&N to phase out NOOK Color, keep selling the NOOK Tablet

Barnes & Noble may be launching new tablets in November. But the company isn’t ready to discontinue last year’s model yet. You’ll be able to pick up the NOOK Tablet even after the NOOK HD and NOOK HD+ hit the streets in a little over a month.

The company is finally getting ready to retire its first tablet, the NOOK Color.

NOOK Tablet

Right now you can still pick up NOOK Color for $149 and up at BN.com. Refurbished models often go for even less on eBay and at other stores.

Meanwhile the NOOK Tablet (which has a faster processor and more RAM than the NOOK Color) is still selling for $179 and up.

But with the new NOOK HD tablets expected to start at $199, it’s likely that B&N will slash the NOOK Tablet price in November, if not sooner.

B&N also tells us that while the NOOK HD and NOOK HD+ tablets run new software based on Android 4.0, there are no plans to update the NOOK Tablet to run the same software. In other words, NOOK Tablet owners are stuck with Android 2.3 Gingerbread… unless they root their tablets and install custom firmware such as CyanogenMod 10.

via The Digital Reader and KT Bradford’s reporting

  • buzz86us

    If they start clearancing these for cheap I suggest getting one these are still very nice for what you get I use one on trips still very relevant I get awesome battery life on a stripped down android install development is still very active on these.

    • Bruce McFarling

      Yes. If they bring the Nook Tablet 8G down to $160, that would bring the refurb price down to about $135, which is quite attractive for a back up “carry out of the house” tablet or for a student on a budget. Since its the same internal hardware as the HD/HD+ its almost certain to get B&N’s new NOOK Video store.