Asus to unveil the Padfone 2 in October

The Asus Padfone hasn’t exactly taken the world by storm since Asus first introduced the smartphone that can transform into a tablet, notebook, or desktop with liberal use of docking stations. In fact, the Padfone has yet to officially go on sale in the US.

But Asus is getting ready to launch the Padfone 2.

Asus Padfone 2

Asus is holding events in Italy and Taiwan on October 16th to introduce the next-generation Padfone.

We got our first evidence that Asus was working on a new Padfone earlier this week when benchmark results for a Padfone 2 hit the web. The benchmark results show a device with a 1.5 GHz with a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor, and an 1196 x 720 pixel display Which is probably really a 1280 x 720 pixel screen — these benchmarking sites tend to ignore pixels used by the on-screen buttons.

I wouldn’t put too much faith in the new Padfone shipping with that hardware though — benchmark results can be faked, and even if they’re real, they could just depict a pre-release prototype based on hardware that could change before launch.

But it looks like we’ll know more on October 16th.

Update: There’s an image making the rounds that’s purportedly of the retail packaging for the Padfone 2, suggesting it has a 13MP camera, LTE, a 4.7 inch screen and more… but there are some discrepancies in the packaging which could suggest that this is a fake.

via Notebook Italia

  • 1stkorean

    They need to change the name to PhoneTab, even if they did change the name I seriously doubt if this will ever fly. Sometimes I need my phone and Tablet at the same time.
    Everybody had to have pad in the name riding on the coat tails of that iToy. I think it is time to be orginal and come up with some smart names on their own,

  • Relf

    Because the average technologically impaired consumer thinks “pad” when tech fluent persons meant “tablet”.
    Otherwise they’d just get confused.
    It’s sad, but that’s how it is, There’s A LOT of people nowadays who downright rely on marketing to make a decision, instead of doing their own basic research.

  • sola

    They definitely need that quad-core S4 and the 2GB RAM because the Padfone is offered at high-end prices so it absolutely needs high-end hw.

    The dual-core S4 in the OG Padphone doesn’t cut it anymore, even if it beats Tegra3 in certain scenarios. Same for the 1GB RAM.

    Ubuntu for Android would be a killer feature for this kit. That would also make it a full-fledged netbook. Android is just not enough for this role.

  • WigFow

    I like anything Asus does, they make cool stuff man!

    • B1ackDiamond


      • StupidPeopleShouldntBreed

        They don’t call you quick draw McGraw for nothing man..

  • devo1d

    I don’t get the large screen when the phone docks to a usable large(r) screen. Why not have a small stylish phone with a great camera and the quad core guts to drive the tablet or hook up to a tv.