AMD quietly adds C-70 chip to its low-power lineup

AMD LogoThe AMD C-70 processor is a 9W dual core processor designed for low power notebooks and other computers. AMD hasn’t said much about the new processor yet, but it showed up recently on a “Notebooks with AMD” page on the chip-maker’s website.

On paper, the new processor looks virtually identical to the AMD C-60 processor, which has been available since last year.

Both chips have top clock speeds of 1.33 GHz, Radeon graphics with top speeds of 400 MHz, and 1MB of L2 cache. In fact, I’m having a tough time spotting any differences other than the new name.

CPU World has more details on the C-60 and C-70 chips. If you spot any differences, let us know.

We’ve seen this sort of chip used for inexpensive and low power netbooks and laptops over the past few years. AMD’s C-series processors offer the sort of CPU performance you’d expect from an older Intel Atom processor, while offering significantly better graphics performance with support for HD video and 3D accelerated graphics.


  • Martin Ron

    Features differences Bobcat c70 vs Ontario c60

    AMD64 / EM64T (X64-Bit)
    Dynamic Acceleration / Turbo Boost
    PowerNow! / Enhanced SpeedStep
    Virus Protection / Execute Disable bit

    There are others am sure not listed yet..

    This should be the last C Series chip as we are moving on to jaguar asap

    • CyberGusa

      Uh, those are listed for both C-70 and C-60… There’s apparently no discernible difference indicated so far…

  • NAit

    May be 32nm?

    • Earl Cameron

      nope still at 40nm…jaguar based designs will most likely move to 28nm

  • Jeremy Ward

    I read that the C-70 has Radeon 7290 graphics instead of 6290 on the C 60

  • rad asds

    1.33GHz is the max turbo clock. The base clock is only 1Ghz