Amazon Kindle Fire HD with 4G LTE: $499 + data plans starting at $50

Amazon has decided to enter the $499 tablet space by offering a tablet with an HD display, 32GB of storage, and 4G LTE wireless data. While it’s the most expensive Kindle Fire tablet, the Kindle Fire HD with 4G LTE is also one of the cheapest tablets available with 4G — especially when you factor in the cost of a data plan.

Amazon has announced that for $49.99 per year, customers will be able to use up to 250MB of data per month. They’ll also get 20GB of online storage, and a $10 Amazon appstore credit.

In other words, over the course of a year, you can pick up a Kindle Fire HD and use the 4G service and pay just $549. A 32GB Apple iPad 3 with 4G LTE, but no data plan costs $729.

4G service will be provided by AT&T, and Amazon says customers will also be able to upgrade to data plans with 3GB or 5GB of data per month… but pricing for those plans hasn’t yet been revealed.

Of course, 250MB isn’t all that much data. I’ll be curious to see what other plans are available for heavier data users — but if you plan to use your tablet mostly around the house or in other locations with WiFi, but want to be able to check your email on the go, this is a pretty fantastic price.

Aside from the 4G, the new tablet is basically the same as the WiFi-only model Amazon introduced today.

You can pre-order the new Kindle Fire HD with 4G today, and it will ship starting November 20th.

via The Verge


  • Renee Auclair

    The Amazon web site hasn’t been updated to reflect all these new items, so that’s a fail in my book.

    • Mike

      Yeah, strange that.

  • Mike

    I’m kind of surprised that Amazon didn’t manage to wrangle a better deal from one of the wireless carriers regarding data plans. After all, content is king. It’s in their interest to push AT&T and Verison back into the “unlimited data” fold, and Sprint and T-Mobile have already moved back in that direction.

    I guess the carriers are pretty resistant to anyone threatening to pull the rug from under their new cash cow…

    P.S. Brad, the number of comments on an article isn’t showing up on the main page for some reason.

    P.P.S. Ah, they are beginning to show up — but must be at least 15 minutes behind…

  • jb82

    What happens after the first year has been paid? I think there are a lot of catches with these new amazon tablets. Will the plan move to a rolling monthly payment? The blurb on the website seems to indicate this is only a first year deal.

  • vince

    would like to buy a few Kindle Fire HDs, but I’m not going to until Amazon reveals all the hidden costs with the data plans…..prefer my original 3G Kindle in that respect. I would prefer a 3G version that is free…..