Deals of the Day (8-20-2012)

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Student Edition

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0) is a 7 inch tablet with front and rear cameras, a microSD card slot, a dual core processor, and Android 4.0 operating system. At $249, it’s a pretty good tablet.

But when you add on a keyboard and USB adapter (the tablet has a proprietary docking port, but the adapter lets you connect USB peripherals) without raising the price, it’s an even better deal.

From now through September 1st, select retailers are offering a $250 Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 student edition bundle which includes those accessories.

Here are some of the day’s best deals on mobile technology (and I threw in a few good deals on digital music because… well, because it’s my website and I felt like it).

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  • BigGoofyGuy

    I had bought one at Best Buy for $249. I too think it is a very good deal.