AsusPro BU400 ultrabook for the business crowd

Asus  is showing off its first ultrabook aimed at business. The AsusPro BU400 doesn’t look quite as sleek as the company’s consumer-oriented Zenbook line of ultrabooks, but it’s a thin and light laptop with a range of corporate-friendly features.

AsusPro BU400

The laptop has a carbon frame, an HD display, and a spill-resistant keyboard. It offers security features including disk encryption, TPM (trusted protection module) and a fingerprint scanner.

There’s also an anti-shock system in place to protect data on a hard drive in the case of an accident. I assume there will also be solid state storage options — at the very least, Asus will have to offer an SSD cache disk if the company wants to call the BU400 an ultrabook.

Asus equipped the BU400 with a touchscreen display to support Windows 8 gestures, as well as the usual keyboard and touchpad. Excuse me. Asus calls it a “precision touchpad.”

The laptop features USB 3.0, VGA, and SD card ports. It weighs about 3.6 pounds.

Asus hasn’t announced a launch date or price for this laptop yet — and it’s not entirely clear whether it will be available in the US at all.

via TechFokus