Archos MW13 FamilyPad tablet with 13 inch screen hits the FCC

Archos appears to be preparing to launch a new Android tablet with a 13.3 inch display called the FamilyPad. It showed up at the FCC this week, which means it could be coming to the US soon.

Archos FamilyPad

The FCC listing doesn’t provide many hardware details, but the photos show a tablet which is nearly 13 inches wide, and which has front and rear cameras, at least two USB ports, an SD card slot, and audio jacks.

Under the hood, it looks like the FamilyPad has the same Allwinner A10 ARM Cortex-A8 single core processor found in the MK802 and a number of other inexpensive Android tablets and TV boxes. It’s a capable little processor, but not exactly a speed demon, so the inclusion of an A10 chip suggests that the tablet won’t cost an arm and a leg.

Archos is also known for making relatively inexpensive tablets. The company will offer FamilyPad models with 8GB or 16GB of storage.

The Archos MW13 FamilyPad will join the Toshiba Excite 13 in the rare and moderately exciting world of Android tablets with 13 inch displays.

thanks Paul!

  • digi_owl

    Allwinner usually means no bluetooth so i’ll pass.

  • Frank

    Depending on its ultimate price, I could see using this to read comic books, books, and magazines on.

  • John Morris

    Full page PDF display? Won’t know until we see the specs on the screen but sine most AllWinner sticks tend toward 1280×720 on their HDMI ports tt might be a wee bit low spec for that job.

  • totor

    On the tablet, there is written Arnova FamilyPad, not Archos FamilyPad. not the same cpu family, not the same price family too. Should be cheap, and really good to have this format for this price => insert it in a A4 file folder 😉