Velocity Micro Cruz T508 8 inch Android 4.0 tablet on the way

The Velocity Micro Cruz T508 is an Android 4.0 tablet with an 8 inch display, 1.2 GHz Allwinner A10 ARM Cortex-A8 processor, and 802.11n WiFi. It has front and rear cameras, and supports Adobe Flash Player 11.

Velocity Micro hasn’t revealed pricing details for the Cruz T508 yet, but the company charges $249 for a similar tablet with a 9.7 inch screen.

Velocity Micro Cruz T508

This week the Velocity Cruz Micro T508 showed up at the FCC website, which is a pretty good indication that it will be appearing on store shelves soon.

The tablet isn’t a Google Certified device, which means it won’t include the Google Play Store or other Google apps such as Gmail, Google Maps, or YouTube. Instead Velocity Micro loads up the tablet with the Amazon Appstore and other apps including Amazon MP3, Astro File Manager, Twitter, and Zinio.

Unfortunately for Velocity Micro, with Amazon and Google selling the Kindle Fire and Nexus 7 for $199, there’s not as much room for budget tablet makers as there used to be, and unless this tablet is priced at $150 or less, it’s going to be a sell.

  • Mike Cane

    OTOH, it has a 1024×768 8″ screen, which makes it a sorta iPad Mini.

  • ratmaster

    Wonder how it would be rooted…any sd card expansion?

  • Steve Cook

    I just bought this, can it be rooted? I was able to root the Cruz T408 with ease following the instructions:

    But the Cruz T508 is running android 4 (ice cream sandwich)

    Please contact me if you can help (even for a fee) by going to the contact button on (didn’t want to put the email in this because of so many spammers out there).

    Thank you,