Install ClockworkMod Recovery on the MK802

ClockworkMod logoClockworkMod Recovery is a tool that lets users of rooted Android devices create a complete backup of their device, restore from previous backups, wipe all data, or install new operating systems or other software updates.

It can run on dozens of phones and tablets, and now you can also install ClockworkMod Recovery on an MK802 Android 4.0 Mini PC.

The MK802 is a USB thumb drive-sized computer with a USB port, mini USB port, mini HDMI port, and a microSDHC card slot. It has an Allwinner A10 processor, Mali 400 graphics, and it can run Android as well as a range of Linux-based operating systems.

Because the Allwinner A10 chip is used in a number of low-cost Android tablets, there’s already an active developer community working on custom software that supports the chip — and many of those tools also work with the MK802.

Chesterx and KEgg at the Rikomagic forum found that a recent build of ClockworkMod runs on the MK802, although it takes a little work to get it up and running.

You can find step-by-step instructions in a post by KEgg.

Basically you’ll need to download the revoery file to your device, make sure SuperUser and BusyBox are installed, as well as an Android app called Script Manager, and then you can use Script Manager to run the install script.

In order to user ClockworkMod, click on the file and you should be able to use your mouse to navigate through the recovery options.

Eventually this will make it easier to install custom firmware on the MK802 and similar devices, since you won’t have to connect the device to a PC and run the LiveSuit utility. Right now there are no stable custom ROMs available for the MK802 that I’m aware of, but you can still use ClockworkMod to backup or restore your device — which is a good idea if you ever do plan to try out custom firmware.

  • smtavare

    Help, Rikomagic forum was taken down or hosting was not renewed. Now what?? :(

    • Brad Linder

      They’re back online now, and they have switched web hosts so this shouldn’t happen again.

      • DougC3

        I still can’t get to the forums. It requires a login and won’t accept my password. It says my browser may not know how to send the credentials. I’ve tried Dolphin and Chrome.

      • Brad Linder

        Hmm… it was working this morning. They must have run into another hiccup. I’d try again later.

      • Brad Linder

        It looks like the link on their homepage is broken, but try this link which should take you directly to the forum:

      • DougC3

        When I try this link I get a “restricted access” login box and it won’t accept my forum login.

  • Jason Fowler

    I got a guide up for the MK802 on how to use the DroidMote rom and Plex. It is a work in progress forum. So if you would like to join in come on over. I’ll take a look at Clockwork and see what I might need to do.


    Can’t get either keyboard or mouse to work in the recovery. Install and reboot into recovery all fine without errors. But when hitting any of the arrow keys on the keyboard the screen simply goes to black and then back again and the selector never changes. I tried two basic usb wired keyboards and a wireless mouse with dongle, no usb hub.

    Anyone else experienced this?

  • Idan Yael

    With the MK we can boot from SD.. why isn’t there a way to create a flashable image of CM so we can run it on our MK directly from the SD card… Don’t know if possible, but this is something I would defiantly run.

  • watermammal

    I can’t get my MK802 to boot into recovery mode. I have gone through all fo the steps multiple times and when I click on, the screen goes black, and after a minute or so, tries to reboot. I see the android guy on his back with his chest open (obviously sick/malfunctioning) and then nothing. I have no idea what I am doing wrong.