Android Transporter software + Raspberry Pi turns any TV into an Android display

Android Transporter is a software tool that lets you wirelessly stream whatever’s happening on an Android phone or tablet to an external display. A few months ago the developers at E.S.R. Labs introduced a prototype that lets you pair two Android smartphones together and use one as an external display.

Now E.S.R. Labs is showing something far more useful: a way to use an HDTV as an external display for an Android device without plugging an HDMI cable into your phone or tablet.

android transporter on raspberry pi

The magic is achieved through the use of a Raspberry Pi mini PC. Basically you take the $35 computer, connect it to a TV, and plug in a wireless USB dongle. For under $50, you’ve got all the hardware you need to connect your phone to your TV.

Then you can fire up a video on your phone and watch it on your TV, view photo slide shows on the big screen, or even surf the web or run other apps.

Since the TV is basically just an external display for the Android device at this point, you can also stream games to the big screen, using your phone or tablet as a controller.

E.S.R. Labs hasn’t yet released the software that lets you use the Raspberry Pi this way, but you can see how it works in the demo videos.

via Raspberry Pi

  • Mike

    Nice idea, but it’s a little ambitious to claim this setup can be used as games console with that half-second delay. I guess for casual games it would be fine, but FPS or MMO? Not really.

  • Travis Osterman, D.O

    Wow, I’ve read about several uses but can’t say I’ve heard anyone bring this up yet. Either way, I can’t wait to check one out in person and just wrote my raspberry pi
    . So many possibilities.