Clambook turns your smartphone into a notebook (connected to a smartphone)

The Clambook is a smartphone accessory that basically lets you use your phone as a notebook — complete with a big display, full-sized keyboard, touchpad, and speakers. It’s due out in time for the 2012 holiday season for an unspecified price, and the Clambook is expected to work with the iPhone and Android smartphones.


The notebook itself is just dumb hardware. It doesn’t have its own CPU, memory or storage. Instead your phone acts as the machine’s brain.

In other words, it works a lot like a Motorola Webtop or Asus Padfone. But while both of those solutions actually let you slide your phone into a docking port, you have to hook up the Clambook to your phone with an MHL cable — which makes the setup a little less mobile.

Still, Clamcase’s Clambook is an awfully purty smartphone accessory. We won’t know how useful it actually is until later this year when it’s due to hit the streets and we’ll find out if it actually does a good job of handling apps designed for smaller devices with touchscreen displays.

via The Verge and Cult of Mac

  • Guest008

    This solution could be a lot better (for the ones who don”t need a ‘real’ OS and laptop) because it potentially works with ANY phone.

  • sumoforce

    So essentially the Palm Foleo, which the tech press universally panned. 

  • sracer

    RedFly redux.

  • Alexander Dobler

    This in combination with Ubuntu for Android would be really cool.

    • CyberGusa

      That’s coming later, since the re-merging of kernels with 3.3 it’s now possible but they got some hurdles to get around to make it all work smoothly.

      While also we need to wait for the next version of Android before the new kernel takes effect.

      So expect a whole new webtop experience sometime next year.

  • toronado455

    With a powerful modern smartphone, this really makes a lot of sense. I like it!

  • Mario Miniaci

    It’s all about the execution. Would you choose the Apple Newton over the , or the Orange SPV C550 over a Galaxy S3? When the time is right, the technology will be worth it. I nearly went for an Atrix last year as the keyboard/screen thingy also charges the phone from its battery. The cost of the keyboard/screen made it unattractive though.