Archos Arnova 70 Cobalt tablet visits the FCC

Hot on the heels of the Arnova 80 Cobalt tablet, a new 7 inch tablet from French device maker Archos has hit the FCC website.

The Archos Arnova 70 Cobalt will probably be a low or mid-priced tablet when it hits the market. Archos recently unveiled plans to offer a new line of inexpensive tablets under the Arnova brand and mid-range tablets under the Archos Elements brand.

Archos Arnova 70 Cobalt

There’s not much information about the Arnova 70 Cobalt at the moment, but the name suggests it will have a 7 inch display, while wireless test results show that it features 802.11b/g/n WiFi.

We don’t know what kind of processor the tablet uses yet either, but Archos has a habit of outfitting its Arnova tablets with budget CPUs from Chinese chip-maker Rockchip, while members of the higher-end Archos family of tablets typically feature TI OMAP processors.