HP confirms plans to launch Windows 8 tablets

There are no launch dates or prices yet, but HP executives have officially confirmed that the company will bring Windows 8 tablets to market later this year. The tablets will also include HP’s cloud solution that will let users store data online and synchronize files between multiple devices.

HP Slate 8

This doesn’t come as a big surprise. HP CEO Meg Whitman said last year that the company would get back into the tablet game after the failure of the HP TouchPad webOS tablet. And last month we saw leaked documents which provided a peek at an upcoming 10 inch HP tablet running Windows 8.

But this is the first time that Whitman and HP vice president Todd Bradley have explicitly stated that the company’s upcoming tablets would run Microsoft’s new operating system.

Unfortunately there’s no word on whether the company has plans to ever release a new webOS device again. After spending billions of dollars acquiring Palm and developing and then canceling products based on the webOS operating system, HP is transforming webOS to an open source project.

But if HP doesn’t release new phones or tablets based on webOS, it’s not really clear whether anyone else will do so.

via webOS Nation

  • Linuxdood

    How long do we have to wait to get one for $99?

    • http://profiles.google.com/isaacjacobs Isaac Jacobs

      As long as it takes to re-hire the dork who made that decision among others.