This is what Firefox for Windows 8 Metro will look like

The version of Internet Explorer that comes with Windows 8 is surprisingly not bad… but choice is always a good thing — especially if you care about support for open standards. So it’s nice to know that Mozilla is already working on a version of the Firefox web browser for Windows 8.

Like Internet Explorer 10, Firefox for Windows 8 will support the new Metro user interface, which means that it has a full-screen, touch-friendly user interface that’s not entirely unlike the UI you get in the Android tablet version of Firefox.

Firefox for Windows 8 Metro

While Firefox for Windows Metro isn’t ready for prime time yet, developer Brian Bondy has posted some early pictures on his blog.

The browser is based on the Fennec browser for Android, which explains why it looks so familiar. But Mozilla has already added support for Windows 8 features. For instance, snapping is supported, which lets you continue to surf the web while a second Windows 8 app is docked to the right or left side of the window.

Firefox for windows 8 Metro also supports the Windows 8 Metro file picker for opening and uploading files.

via PC World