Sony to layoff 10,000 people, merge PC, tablet, phone divisions

Sony has announced a major restructuring effort which will involve eliminating 10,000 jobs, emphasizing its strongest products including gaming and digital imaging products such as cameras, and merging its PC, tablet, and phone departments.

Sony products

Right now Sony’s smartphones, Sony Tablet, and Sony VAIO PCs are housed in different departments. Under the new plan the research and development, design and engineering, and sales and marketing for these three different product groups will be brought together under one house.

Sony will also work to leverage its gaming, digital imaging, and other products to improve these products.

Theoretically, that’s what the company tried to do by including the Sony PlayStation Suite on its first two Android tablets. The Suite allows users to play some older PlayStation games on the Sony Tablet S or Sony Tablet P. But not very many games are available, and I get the feeling the tablets aren’t exactly selling like hotcakes.

It’s too early to say what impact the restructuring will have on the future of Sony tablets, phones and computers, but with Apple currently dominating the premium notebook and tablet space, it’s would be tough for Sony to continue down its current path.

via The Next Web

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    Samsung had already overtaken Sony in many important fields like mobile phones, home appliances, and laptop computers. It will be really for Sony to gain back the huge market share that it lost.