RIM releases BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0.1

As expected, Research in Motion has released an updated version of its operating system for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. But it doesn’t just add support for 3G and 4G tablets (in fact, it’s not even clear yet if it does that at all, since the PlayBook 4G isn’t available yet). It also offers new features and performance tweaks for WiFi-only tablets.

Blackberry PlayBook

PlayBook OS is available as an over-the-air software update. It includes improved support for Android applications, web browser tweaks to improve performance for some websites, and tweaks to the video chat, calendar, contact, and email apps, among other things.

If you’re not prompted to install the update automatically, you can find instructions for checking for new software at the BlackBerry support site.

On the other hand, if you’re holding out hope that the Dingleberry developers will find a way to jailbreak PlayBook OS 2.0, you might want to hold off on updating at all until you hear whether they’re working on the new version or an older build.