Opera Mobile Android web browser gets extension support (experimental)

The Opera Mobile web browser for Google Android lets you surf the web with multiple browser tabs, arrange your favorite bookmarks on a “Speed Dial” home page, and sync your settings with the desktop version of the browser.

Now you can also use extensions to add extra features to the web browser, thanks to an experimental build of Opera Mobile 12 for Android.

Opera extensions can change the way the browser behaves when visiting certain websites. For instance, the Ghostery extension can show what scripts are running on a website and block certain scripts, or LastPass extension can help manage passwords for websites.

There are more than a thousand extensions available for Opera, although not all of them will work on Opera Mobile 12. But the extensions that do work don’t need to be modified in any way to run on Android since the Opera Mobile and Opera desktop web browsers use the same platform for extensions.

Opera hasn’t committed to enabling plugins in future versions of its mobile web browser. Right now this is just an experiment. But it’s a pretty cool one for Opera power-users.

via xda-developers