Now you can play PlayStation games on a Blackberry PlayBook

Not happy with the selection of games available for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet? No problem. Developer Catalystg has ported the PCSX PlayStation emulator to run on the $199 tablet, which means you can play games for Sony’s classic video game console on the 7 inch tablet.

You can find details at the CrackBerry Forums or the developer’s website.

BlackBerry PlayBook PlayStation emulator

There are a few caveats. First, not all games are supported. Second, you’ll need a PlayStation BIOS file to use the emulator. And third, you’ll need disc images for the games you want to play.

Technically it’s possible to rip your own PlayStation CDs, but unfortunately it’s a lot easier to download copies that have been illegally shared online.

Either way, users report that games run smoothly on the Blackberry PlayBook, and the video below seems to bear that out. You’ll have to get used to playing with on-screen controls instead of a physical gamepad though.

via UberGizmo and SlashGear

  • Bill

    If this were an Android 3.x OS or higher running tablet, then you could plug in a USB game controller or a Bluetooth controller. 

    You could actually plug in a USB hub, and a keyboard, a mouse, and game controller in that hub, and they would all work.

    • CyberGusa

       No, Google is still building peripheral support for Android.  So can’t say yet that they would “all” work… Though support has gotten noticeably better recently, they still got a long way to go before they get anywhere near the support you would get with a desktop OS.

      While also ARM hardware still has issues with many peripherals.  The USB host mode for many for example don’t provide full USB power.  While some still need the special connector to even enable it.  Among many other limitations that most of these mobile devices still have to deal with.

      Primarily support is for BT devices, with a growing number of USB devices.  Gaming controllers are hit or miss, but most keyboard and mouses should work now.

      For the Playbook, RIM has finally provided a wireless keyboard, and you can use other BT keyboard and mouses, for it and if they can make any progress on the developers side of things then other peripherals should start popping up later.

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