Next-gen Chromebooks could feature 5-second boot times

A few days ago we saw evidence that next-generation laptops designed to run Google Chrome OS might feature Coreboot technology allowing for super-speedy boot times. Now the folk sat Netbook News have seen the technology in action, and it’s pretty impressive.

The caught a Samsung Chromebook prototype going from 0 to a login screen in just 5 seconds.

Current Chromebooks such as the Samsung Series 5 and Acer AC700 already boot in about 20 seconds or less thanks to fast solid state disks and an operating system that’s optimized for quit booting.

But future Chromebooks could include some of the features from Intel Ivy Bridge processors such as Coreboot which could speed things up even further.

Hopefully the optimizations won’t stop there. While current generation Chromebooks boot much more quickly than other notebooks with Intel Atom processors, I found the Samsung Series 5 to be pretty sluggish when I tried to use it for anything other than light web browsing.

If next-generation Chromebooks have more powerful processors and similar or better battery life, the platform could become a bit more attractive… to people who like the idea of an operating system that only has one app: a web browser.

  • Anon

    Agreed – Chomebooks seem premature designs so far.  We most likely will more at Google I/O at the end of June, where like last time, we learned a lot more about Google’s Android, and also the Chromebook directions.   Question:  Will Google wait each year, to use an Apple tactic, where they will use Google I/O to show off new stuff?

  • Kaegiur

    well call it (sub urban dictionary like) “they will do an android on chrome os”, ’cause “doing an apple” certainly might be patented already by cupertino and using this might mean trouble in court ….