Intel StoryBook tablet to join the Classmate PC in the classroom?

For the past few years Intel has been pushing it Classmate PC netbook platform for schools. In fact, several million students around the world are now using netbooks based on Intel’s reference design.

Now, according to DigiTimes, Intel could be preparing to do the same thing with tablets.

Update: According to an Intel spokesperson, the information from DigiTimes is inaccurate.

Update 2: Here’s the accurate info. The Intel StudyBook is a 7 inch tablet with an Intel Atom Oak Trail processor, a rugged design, and support for either Windows 7 or Android. 

Lenovo Medfield tablet

Lenovo Medfield tablet prototype

DigiTimes reports that Intel will introduce a new StoryBook tablet PC platform during the second half of 2012. The tablets will be based on Intel’s low power Medfield tablets and will sell for $299 and less.

They’re expected to have 10 inch displays and DigiTimes says they’ll feature “dual operating systems,” which I imagine means Windows and Android.

Like the Classmate PC, education is a primary focus — but you may be able to purchase StoryBook tablets at retail as well.

Intel doesn’t actually build netbooks and the company isn’t expected to build tablets either. But Intel will partner with manufacturers such as ECS and Malata to produce tablets based on the chip-maker’s designs.

This move doesn’t necessarily spell the end of the Classmate PC. There are already convertible tablet-style netbooks in the Classmate family featuring Intel’s Cedar Trail processors.