Deals of the Day (4-30-2012)

Toshiba Thrive

The Toshiba Thrive is an endangered species, now that Toshiba is focusing on thinner and lighter Android tablets. But while the original 10 inch Thrive is a bit chunkier than an iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab, it has a few things that those tablets don’t — including full-sized HDMI and USB ports, and a removable battery.

You can pick one up for $250 if you don’t mind buying refurbished.

Here are some of the days best deals on mobile devices and accessories:

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  • kr00lplatinum

    I’ve never heard of SoftMaker Office… What is it? Why not use LibreOffice instead? 

    • Brad Linder

      Because there are mobile versions designed for smartphones, tablets, PDAs, etc…