ModMyPi case covers the $35 Raspberry Pi PC for about $13

The Rasbperry Pi is a full-fledged computer which you can buy for about $35. It has a processor, memory, USB and Ethernet ports. But one thing the RaspBerry Pi doesn’t have is a protective case. It’s basically a system-on-a-board and not much else.

ModMyPi case for Raspberry Pi

But a company called ModMyPi is taking pre-orders for a case designed to put some clothes on the Raspberry Pi Model B and make it look respectable. I suppose it will also help protect the little system from the elements a bit, while providing air vents for cooling.

The ModMyI sells for £7.99 including VAT in the UK, or a little less than $13. That price will get you a black or white model, while an extra £1.99 will let you grab one in red, green, or blue. The top and bottom portions are actually produced independently, so you can also mix and match colors.

The cases will start shipping April 5th. reports that ModeMyPi will donate 5 percent of the proceeds from case sales to the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

The company also sells Raspberry Pi Set-up Kits with an 8GB SD card loaded with Debian Linux, a wireless keyboard and mouse, USB hub, WiFi dongle, and other accessories for £64.99, which is a little over $100 US.

The $35 Raspberry Pi has a 700 MHz Broadcom BCM2835 ARM-based processor, 256MB of RAM, HDMI output, 2 USB ports and an Ethernet jack.

Raspberry Pi also offers a $25 model without the USB or Ethernet ports.

  • dontrenigin12

    would someone enlighten me and tell me in what situation you would use this,,as opposed to a netbook, tablet, laptop,,,,please hurry im fading fast……..

    • kr00lplatinum

       How about a desktop?

    • Guest

      Why would you want a netbook when there are laptops, desktops, tablets, etc. Or why would anyone want a tablet when there are laptops, netbooks, desktops, etc. See my point?

      Also, it’s a wicked cheap and wicked small desktop with open source software that lets one tinker to their heart’s content, what’s not to love?
      I am considering giving one of these and an old mouse, keyboard and monitor to my grandpa. It’s all the computer he would ever need for next to free, again what’s not to love.
      If you have to ask, then I’m  not sure you’ll get it.

  • Francesco Magazzu’

    many ways … many many ways … but for sure not to go on facebook

  • Boone Simpson

    there are linux builds with XBMC so this can be a small, media player attached to a tv. It is supposed to support HD codecs and there is development on additional break out boards that will allow for sensor management and more, allowing you to build a low cost security system, or low cost whatever. 

  • Rob

    If you have to wonder why you would want it, then you’re not the target market. Just pass it by.

    I’m always suspicious when the only product pictures are renderings… does it really exist?

  • TomLeeM

    I think it is great for those who want to the little computer to look ‘respectable’ and not look like it was part of a computer ‘nudist’ colony. :)

    I think it is cool looking. It is great as an affordable computer to have fun with and not have it break ones (limited?) budget. :)

  • sola

    The best use-case may be as an ultra-small media-center extender for your TV.

    This has very strong video decoding hw for H264. I am not sure about other formats. I am also not sure whether hw decoding is supported properly in the Linux distros currently available for the Pi. This will not be able to decode higher-res video properly with the ARM11 generic-purpose computing core, so this DOES matter.

    It will be very slow as a general-purpose computer so you will not really be able to use a full-blown browser or other desktop software on it.

    You may use it as a home-automation core.

    • albundles

      Can it be used to run Skype and plug in a USB or RTS handset to it? Might be a good replacement for a home phone?

      • sola

        Possibly, although I am not sure whether Skype is available at all for ARM based desktop Linux distros.

        Skype is fairly common on ARM based Android machines but not on pure Linux.

  • eridan

    I’ve been looking for a case for my raspi and I have found this one Unfortunately, it’s to expensive for me, but here it is if someone wants to fit his Pi with furniture :)