B&N now lets you repartition 16GB NOOK Tablets to free up more space

The Barnes & Noble NOOK Tablet that has been shipping since November comes with 16GB of disk space plus a microSDHC card for anyone that really needs more space.

But there’s a catch – only 1GB is available for files you download from the web or copy from your computer. The rest is used by the operating system or reserved for content acquired from the official Barnes & Noble NOOK Shop.

NOOK Tablet

If you want to be able to access more of that disk space you have a few options. You can root your tablet and replace the operating system with a custom ROM. Or you can walk your NOOK Tablet into a Barnes & Noble store and ask someone behind the counter to repartition the disk for you.

As promised, B&N started offering customers the option of re-configuring their storage space earlier this week.

Engadget reports that after the procedure you’ll be able to use 8GB for your personal files while 5.5GB will still be reserved for apps, books, and other content from the NOOK Shop.

There’s no need to re-configure the storage if you bought the newer 8GB NOOK Tablet. That model provides users with 5GB of all-purpose storage while saving just 1GB for NOOK Shop content.