Apple iPad (3rd generation) hits the FCC

Now that Apple has told us pretty much everything we wanted to know about the new iPad, the FCC website for the third generation Apple tablet is now live.

New iPad at the FCC

There aren’t really any surprises at the FCC website, but there are some nice line drawings showing the read of the tablet as well as the precise dimensions.

From the back, the new iPad looks a lot like the iPad 2, even if the new model’s a little thicker and heavier.

The FCC listing also confirms that the new tablet supports a dizzying array of wireless network standards including GSM, UMTS, CDMA, LTE, WiFi, and Bluetooth.

There are actually a number of different FCC listings for the new iPad due to the different wireless protocols supported by each. It’s also likely that some of these listings are for WiFi-only tablets and models with different amounts of storage.

The new third generation Apple TV also hit the FCC website today.


  • Matti

    If you get info on who manufacturers the screen for them, please let us know, Brad.