You lose some, you sue some: Apple lawsuits in Germany, Australia

iPad 3g

In today’s edition of the worldwide courtroom drama that is Apple versus everybody, the iPhone and iPad maker is going on the offensive in Australia — while suffering a pretty serious setback in Germany.

Motorola had sued Apple in Germany for infringement of a patent related to email account synchronization. A judge has ruled in Motorola’s favor for the second time since December, and as a result of one or both of those rulings Apple has removed a number of iPhone and iPad models from its online store in Germany — although the devices are still available from Apple retail stores and resellers.

Apple is appealing the ruling.

Update: I’m getting whiplash here. Apple has already won a temporary suspension of the limited ban on sales of certain 3G capable iOS devices. They should be back in the Apple Germany web store shortly. 

Meanwhile Apple is broadening its legal assault on Samsung in Australia. The company had already challenged the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in that country with mixed results so far. But now The Australian reports that Apple is making 278 different claims against 10 different Samsung devices — including some that aren’t even on sale in Australia yet.

Long story short — I wouldn’t expect the big names in mobile tech to stop suing each other anytime soon.

via Electronista and FOSS Patents