Oregon Scientific unveils MEEP! tablet for kids

It may seem like 7 inch Android tablets are a dime a dozen these days… but you still might think twice before handing one over to a toddler. The Oregon Scientific MEEP! tablet is different. It’s designed for kids, and has a rugged case designed to take the kind of abuse that only little ones can dish out.

MEEP! tablet

Oregon Scientific hasn’t yet announced the price, processor, or other specifications for the tablet, but you can sign up for more information at the MEEP! website.

What we do know is that the tablet will have a 7 inch color touchscreen, WiFi, a g-sensor, and SD card slot. It will run Google Android and support music, movies, apps, and eBooks.

Oregon Scientific will also offer optional accessories for the tablet — including musical instruments.

via Engadget

  • animatio

    thus a real consumer device for school … instead of a “productive working” slate …
    “fix” them youngsters as early as possible with the digital consumation drug.